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We are a Canadian Company, helping people in Canadian Immigration matters at Home and Overseas.

Helping People to Visit, Study, Work or Immigrate to Canada

About 300,000 people immigrate and call Canada their home every year. There are many program available to foreign nationals such as skills worker, investor, business, study, work or even you may be sponsored.  Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada governs the immigration matters which changes frequently. We keep abreast of all changes all the time. Take our help. 

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Temporary Residence

It is very Important type of Immigration which is vital to Canada’s prosperity which allows people to visit, study or work in Canada. There is no quota and processed as per demand. A foreign national is granted temporary residence upon meeting general eligibility requirements.


Permanent Residence

Permanent residency is welcome in Canada provided it brings economic and social development to Canada. About 300,000 people get permanent residency in Canada but they have to undertake a rigorous and costly application and complex approval process.



This is an important element in the makeup and identity of Canadian society. There might be grant, revoke, renounce or restore of citizenship. Most people get Canadian citizenship by born here or by their Canadian parents. Permanent residents acquire citizenship through a process called naturalization.

Refugee & Protected Persons

These are the people who are forced to flee from persecution and outside their home country or have no home at all. They must meet the definition of refugee as per 1951 Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees to be eligible. They are also the Asylum Seekers asking for protection in Canada.

Resettlement & Asylum

Canada offers protection to Refugees and Asylum seekers through Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program. It aims to address humanitarian needs, meet international responsibilities and to respond international crisis. There are many sponsorships and resettlement assistnace available.

Hearings & Detention

Anyone except Canadian Citizens are subject to inspection by Canadian Border Services Agency at the port of Entry each time they enter Canada. In case of their Admissibility, one can be detained upon entry or after admission This is the role of Immigration Division (ID) of Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB).

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We are Regulated by the ICCRC (Immigration Consultant Canada Regulatory Council), operating in Canada and overseas.



We are bound to maintain a Code of Ethics in Business practices, enforced by ICCRC. Your privacy and personal information is fully guranteed. 



Our experienced team is always by your side to help you go along the immigration process in a simple way. 


Md Ashiqur Rahman, RCIC


Worked in Bangladesh Army. Now living in Canada. He graduated from CDI College, Mississauga, Ontario in Immigration Consultant Program. He is a member of ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) and a RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant). Practice area involved all fields of Immigration and Citizenship.


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